Residential and Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Yeager Landscaping offers landscape maintenance to residential and commercial customers throughout the Schuylkill County area. As a full-service lawn and landscaping company, we can maintain your plant, flower, and tree beds; mow, fertilize, and maintain your grass; and offer a number of other services that will keep your landscaping looking its best. We can handle your complete lawn care services or simply perform special services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking great throughout the year.

From design to installation and maintenance, we have a track record of completing projects on time, on budget, and ahead of schedule. Experienced, maintenance teams set the standard each day in planting, weed control, pruning, irrigation management, maintenance and repair, and fertilization.

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Yeager Landscaping’s quality, creativity, and experience have enabled us to become the area’s premier residential landscape and lawn care companies. We are entrusted to maintain the grounds of many high-profile properties. All gardening and maintenance services are custom-designed to reflect a customer’s tastes and lifestyle.

In addition to residences, Yeager Landscaping maintains and beautifies the grounds of commercial properties:

• Condominiums
• Apartment complexes
• Office complexes
• Shopping malls
• Storefronts
• Retail

• Convenience stores
• Gas stations
• Hotels and motels
• Community centers
• Social clubs
• Health clubs

• Educational facilities
• Churches
• Banks
• Municipal facilities
• Parking lots
• Manufacturing facilities

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Our complete landscaping maintenance services

Yeager Landscaping provides the following services to commercial and residential customers:

  • Mowing: With this landscaping maintenance service, we will mow your grass as needed seasonally. We will also trim and edge any sidewalks and obstacles and blow clippings from hard surfaces.
  • Fertilizing: We will fertilize your lawn as requested to keep it looking its best. We can also perform any spot treatments if necessary to promote proper lawn growth.
  • Weed Care: As part of our landscaping maintenance services, we will help minimize and control weeds in your landscaping by hand weeding and applying weed control treatments to your flower and plant beds.
  • Mulching: With our mulching services, we will spread mulch in all of your beds and around your trees as needed for aesthetic appeal and weed control.
  • Trimming and Pruning: With this service, we will trim and prune any shrubs, plants, and ornamental grasses to ensure good shape and plant health.
  • Edging: We will keep your beds and lawn separated and looking beautiful

  • Lawn Aeration: Aeration is an important landscaping maintenance service that will reduce soil compaction and allow fertilizers to beautify your turf.
  • Over-Seeding: We can perform over-seeding services following aeration in order to ensure a healthy and full lawn.
  • Leaf Removal: We will remove fallen leaves from both your landscaping beds and turf areas.
  • Spring and Fall Annual Planting: We can plant a variety of annual flowers and plants throughout your landscape to provide color and design in any season.
  • Preparation of Annual Beds: This service prepares beds for planting by cultivating the soil and adding necessary amendments to the soil to help with the annuals growth.
  • Removal of Annuals: This landscaping maintenance service includes removing any dead annuals after the growing season has ended.
  • Tree and Shrub Care: We will apply a number of treatments to your trees and shrubs in order to ensure health and prevent disease or insects.

If you are interested in lawn care and maintenance services in Schuylkill County and its surrounding communities, please contact us today. We look forward to working with you to keep your landscape beautiful and healthy.

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